3 Melissa Begay


Operations Manager

3 Melissa Begay

Melissa Begay is the Operations Manager (Navajo Nation). She is of the Many Goats clan, born for the Towering House clan. Her maternal grandparents are Salt clan and her paternal grandparents are Red Running into the Water clan. Melissa is from Tuba City, Arizona.

Melissa’s interest and passion is supporting and building strong Tribal Nations to further develop the academic, leadership, and lifelong learning skills of its people in order to achieve their personal growth, health and life success.

Over 15 years, Melissa worked to cultivate access to help Native American students achieve post-secondary education and more recently worked with the early childhood leaders, including the local governing body, community leaders, tribal leaders, and other stakeholders to create greater opportunities for children five and younger to ensure they receive the quality education, healthcare and family support they need to arrive at school healthy and ready to succeed.

Melissa attended Northern Arizona University where she received her bachelors in Business Administration and a Masters in Administration with an emphasis in Educational Leadership.