Realizing the Promise of the Open Internet

Native Public Media signs on with 75 public interest organizations and sent a letter to the Chairman and Commissioners of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) calling on the agency to move forward this month on three issues currently before it: the set-top box rulemaking, the broadband privacy rulemaking, and the zero rating investigation.

The FCC has been working toward actions on these three issues for months, if not years. The agency could vote any day on proposed new rules for set-top boxes, after it postponed a scheduled vote in late September. It is currently scheduled to vote on new privacy rules that would limit broadband providers’ ability to use and share their customers’ data for non-service-related purposes. And it is in the midst of an investigation into abusive data caps and zero rating plans that many advocates argue violate net neutrality rules.

Public interest organizations view action on these issues as necessary to make internet, cable, and satellite services more affordable and open, and to preserve internet users’ privacy. “This Commission has made bold and historic moves to dismantle technological barriers to free and unfettered speech, making tools for generating content more accessible, and networks for sharing and reading more egalitarian,” the letter says, noting in particular the importance of the 2015 Open Internet Order that established net neutrality rules. “But there is still much left to do.” As the year comes to an end and Washington anticipates being thrown into the turmoil of the election and changing Administration, the letter urges swift resolution of these issues. “Each day that passes without marking progress on these important issues is another day of missed opportunities,” the letter says.

You can read the letter sent to the FCC here – 2016-10-public-interest-fcc-letter-final

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